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Landmarks of Montenegro

Budva city

The Budvan Riviera is widely regarded as the tourist center of the country. Located in the center of the coast, it is a convenient initial mark for a journey throughout Montenegro. Here are the best hotels, a lot of cafes and restaurants with plenty of choices to suit every taste, and various night clubs and casinos. In the mountains above the city, there is a water park with lots of water activities. The laser beams from the open-air Top Hill nightclub are shimmering nearby. Year after year, Budva is changing — new modern buildings rise, the embankment is renovated, the city infrastructure is developing. Once a small modest town on the shore of the picturesque bay, it confidently turns into a fashionable European resort

Tara River Canyon

Craggy mountains and crystal-clear turquoise-colored rivers form fantastic landscapes in the north of Montenegro. The Tara River Canyon is the deepest in Europe and it’s the world’s second in depth after the American Grand Canyon. This natural wonder is about 80 km long and up to 1,300 meters deep. It’s a part of Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A trip to the canyon from the coast takes about 4 hours, but on the way there will be so many amazing places to see – observation decks, gorges, old fortresses, and temples — that the trip is likely to take longer.

Ski resort Kolasin

Montenegro is amazing. There are palm trees on the shore and the ambient temperature reaches +20 C there, but if you’ll go to the north of the country, you’ll get to the real ski resort. People who like to go skiing to the snowy slopes get together in the cozy Alpine-style town every year, from December to April. Kolašin is located in one of the cleanest areas of Europe, surrounded by ancient forests of Biogradska Gora national park. The trip from Budva by car will take around 2 hours, by bus – 3-3,5 hours. The trip from other coastal towns will take a little longer.

Boko Kotor Bay

There is a marvelous place in Montenegro — it’s a winding bay of the Adriatic Sea enclosed in cliffs. The banks of this ancient fjord have been inhabited since ancient times, fragments of Roman settlements and beautiful examples of medieval architecture are preserved here. The Bay of Kotor or Boka Kotorska as it’s called by Montenegrins is a historical pearl of the country. Everyone who visits Tivat, gets to the bay right away, but there are many impressing landmarks outside the bay as well. If you want to fully enjoy the spirit of ancient times, you should go to Kotor, Perast, Herceg Novi, and across the small towns along the shores of Boka.

National park Lovchen

Lovćen Mountain is the highest pint of the national park of the same name, spreading from the Adriatic shore to the Kotor bay. Its area of 60 km² comprises important Montenegrin historical and cultural heritage. The unique mountain and maritime climate of the region has led to the development of various flora and fauna. 1000 plant species grow in the national park. It’s inhabited by nearly 200 bird species including falcons and eagles and various animals. Wolves and bears live in secluded spots of the park. But you shouldn’t be afraid — these animals live dozens of kilometers away from touristic routes.

Monastery Ostrog

A holy place of Montenegro, important for Orthodox Christians from all over the world, the Ostrog Monastery is sheltered in the mountains near Nikšić and Danilovgrad. It was founded in the XVII century by St. Basil of Ostrog, whose remains rest in the monastery and considered miraculous. The monastery complex consists of the older upper part and the newer lower one. They are connected by a winding road, so narrow and dangerous in some places that the passage of large tourist buses is prohibited. Next to it is a hiking trail used by the most devout pilgrims. The upper part of the monastery is built into a rocky niche at the altitude of 900 meters above the sea level. This is the most picturesque part of the monastery, which has become one of the most important landmarks of Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan

Five kilometers southward from Budva, there is another famous landmark of Montenegro — Sveti Stefan island. This small piece of land, connected with the shore by a narrow tombolo, built up with medieval houses with red-tiled roofs. In the neighborhood, there is a magnificent Miločer park, hotels, and restaurants. At the time of the Venetian Republic, this place was an important trade and transport center. Today’s Sveti Stefan island is a fashionable 5-star hotel town, visited by business people and celebrities.

Skadar Lake

It’s surprising, how many natural attractions are located in this tiny country. One of the natural miracles of Montenegro is the Lake Skadar, the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula. Its mirror-like surface extends over an area of up to 550 km², depending on the season. A part of the lake belongs to Albania, where it’s called Shkodrës. About two-thirds of the natural wonder belong to Montenegro that offers fascinating coastal and water excursions for tourists.

The city of Cetinje

Throughout the centuries, Cetinje has been the royal capital in Montenegro, and it’s considered the historic capital of the state. It’s a real museum city underneath the Lovćen mountain at an altitude of 670 meters above the sea level. Colorful architectural heritage and plenty of historic sites make Cetinje one of the biggest centers of tourism in Montenegro. There is no sweltering heat there, and the streets keep the flair of the old glory of the city. But there is no pompousness there. Cetinje is a very cozy, intimate city with a calm atmosphere, inviting to unhurried ambling.

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