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About Montenegro

Holy places in Montenegro

People visit Montenegro not only for beach holidays. On this ancient Orthodox land, there are many spiritual sanctuaries, attracting pilgrims from all over the world all year round. They come to touch the relics, see the miraculous icons, feel the atmosphere of peace, and pray for their health and their loved ones. Traveling to the holy places necessarily includes the spiritual symbol of Montenegro, Ostrog, Cetinje Monastery, monastic cells by the Moraca River, in the Bay of Kotor, and the Budvan Riviera. There are many temples significant for Orthodox Christians all over the country.

The weather in Montenegro

In the south Mediterranean country, you can forget frost, snow, and slush. But only if you live by the sea. The average temperature on the coast varies around 20 degrees, in the summer the air warms up to +35, in the coldest months — up to +5-10 degrees. In the north of Montenegro in highlands, frosts up to -15 sometimes occur, the snow cover may stay on up to five months. Summing up, the local climate is mild but diverse. Out of searing heat, you can easily get into pleasant coolness if you go from the evergreen coast to the highlands with snowdrifts and snowfalls.

Montenegrin cuisine

Blooming highland of Montenegro bring first-class meat and delicious dairy products. The gardens are full of fruit. The sea gives fish and other seafood. The of Montenegro is as rich as its nature. The national cuisine is intertwined with the cooking traditions of different peoples – Balkan and Western European. Meat, cheese, olive oil, vegetables are the basis of most Montenegrin dishes. The country has almost no industrial production. The Adriatic Sea is considered the cleanest in Europe. The fertile soils do not need chemical fertilizers. That is why local products soaked in the sun and sea are not just very tasty, but also healthy.

Festivals and Holidays in Montenegro

Montenegro is cheerful all year round. Besides national holidays, including the usual New Year and Christmas, the country celebrates various significant events like the harvest time, the first spring blooming, the time of wine maturation, the beginning and the end of the tourist season. In winter and summer, traditional carnivals, music, and sports events are Montenegro. Festivals attract crowds of locals and tourists, as they are celebrated in a bright, noisy, and generous Balkan way.

Fishing in Montenegro

The Adriatic Sea is not only pleasant because of the crystal-clear turquoise water, but also with the plenty of delicious fish. If you are a big fan of fishing, using spinning reel right from the shore you can catch a mackerel, mullet, scorpionfish, barracuda, dorado, mackerel, sarda, muraena, and even a small tuna. There are countless opportunities, out of the number f underwater inhabitants. Squids and octopuses are often hooked. But fishing in Montenegro is not only sea fishing, in mountain rivers and lakes you can catch trout, grayling, salmon, pike, bleak, carp. It is a pleasure to fish in this country — fishes are delicious and various, and the sea and mountain landscapes are breathtaking.

Transport in Montenegro

The tiny country of only 13,812 km² can be crossed in one day. Rail transport in Montenegro is not developed, there are no trains on the coast. On the other hand, the bus service is well organized. You can get to almost any part of the country by public transport. The highway network covers the whole territory of the state, so the main way to get here is by bus or car. Roads in Montenegro are of high quality, smooth, but in the mountainous areas they are sometimes difficult and even dangerous. In winter, in some areas antiskid chains are used.

Christmas and New Year in Montenegro

What do you think about Christmas celebration under the palm trees? If you like it, you don’t have to fly 10 to 12 hours to the tropical courntries. It’s only 2-3 hours from most European airports to sunny Montenegro. In December and January, the air warms up to 8-10⁰C, at noon the sun can get and 20⁰C. The weather is great for sightseeing, hiking in highlands, and even dining on the outdoor terraces of a cafe. Christmas and New Year are celebrated here in Balkan in the European colorful way. Cities shine with garlands, Christmas sales are everywhere, concerts, parties are held in the restaurants and outdoors.

Entertainment in Montenegro

In this tourist country, everything has been created so that guests can spend time with pleasure. Having bathed and sunbathed, holidaymakers go to have a good meal, to have fun, and to gain new impressions. There is a wide choice of entertainment in Montenegro – cafes and restaurants are at every turn, night clubs and casinos work in cities, rafting and other extreme activities are offered in highland areas. You can take a snow-white yacht, go fishing in the open sea, visit a local holiday or festival. For children, there are water parks as well as rides and mobile outdoor games.

Place for a vacation in Montenegro

Small towns and villages with no distinct border in between line out the coast of Montenegro. Beautiful landscape is everywhere by the sea, although in the hinterland it’s no less impressive. Resorts are distinguished by the distance from the airport, types of beaches, the number of entertainment venues. Prices also vary, but slightly. Your vacation in Montenegro can be quiet and peaceful in a small village away from the tourist centers — or dynamic with a rich nightlife in a large settlement with developed resort infrastructure.

Winter in Montenegro

You don’t have to fly over the half of the world to Asia to spend the winter warm. There is no frost on the Adriatic coast. It only snows once a few years and even in January the air temperature can exceed 20 degrees C. Winter in Montenegro will please you, especially if you don’t like exhausting tropical heat and like to spend time in Europe. It is great to see the medieval sights, go to the mountains, and explore the country in this season, in a comfortable weather conditions and without crowds of tourists all around. Local prices are lower than those in Central Europe, the language barrier is not felt, plane tickets are inexpensive, and the flights from most European cities are only about two or three hours.

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